Chesapeake and Ohio Craig Valley  Branch circa 1930's

Olde Surber Station - where you can still find peace and quite.

Emergency Medical Services are nearby

Our Old-time Band

Emergency Medical Services

While we know you will enjoy the peace and quiet of Olde Surber Station, we want you to rest assured that modern emergency medical services are nearby and always ready to respond to an emergency. Your hosts, Jack (Paramedic) and Carol (AEMT) Lewis, live next door and are two of four state certified emergency medical technicians in our area. We have a fully equipped, VA state certified, emergency response vehicle (shown top right) for use in responding to local emergency calls. We can call in ambulances from Craig County, Eagle Rock, and Fincastle. In the event of a serious medical or trauma emergency, we can call in a Carilion LifeGuard helicopter located at the Carilion Hospital in downtown Roanoke.

Always call 911 first if you have an emergency!

Botetourt County has a state-of-the-art computerized Enhanced 911 dispatch center located in nearby Fincastle. When you call 911, this center can provide emergency first aid instructions. They know exactly where you are located and will immediately alert emergency medical personnel in nearby New Castle, Eagle Rock, and Fincastle day or night. Car 75 is also alerted.

Car 75 Emergency Response Vehicle
Car 75 is located 3 miles away in Oriskany.

Eagle Rock Rescue Ambulance 555
Modern fully equipped ambulances from Eagle Rock, Fincastle or New Castle are about 20 minutes away.

Carilion Hospital LifeGuard 10 Medivac Helicopter
Medivac helicopters like this Lifeguard 10 are less than 15 minutes away.

Botetourt Count Enhanced 911 Dsipatch Center
Botetourt County has a state-of-the-art computerized Enhanced 911 dispatch center.


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